Saturday, June 8, 2013


This semester is my fourth last semester as 
Bachelor's Degree student of International Business 
at UniMAP after 2 years struggling ups 
and downs. Just need another 2 mores 
semester to complete my degree..

Thus the heading of this post. 
So i'll starting my first paper on 
11 June and my final paper on 18 June 2013!
yeaahh, i'll go back early than others :) 
because I have Intership for this semester..
I will flying to Kalimantan, Indonesia 
for 2 month.. its quiet long..
but I've promised to myself,
that I can independent by myself there..

actually I need a break.. 
because my mind is filled with the memorized notes!
I'm tired when studying for a long time, heee.. 
my mind need some rest somehow..

I hope everything will went very well..
I hope I will be prepare very well for all my papers..
I hope I will do good..
I hope I will perform well..
I hope I will graduate with flying colours..
I hope everything gonna be fineeeeee :) 
so my main focus on my final exam..
one should work her ass off in order to get that
and so do I :) 

So goodluck to all my 
beloved batch 2011/2012, my colleague, my comrade, 
 my classmate, my housemate, my roommate! 

Bittaufiq wannajah fil imtihan :)

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  1. On behalf of Pontianak Post daily newspaper, we are pleased towelcome Hafiz, you , Bel, Wani and Farrah. Mengalu alukan selalu. Warm welcome always for you all. Tahniah :))